Get Set for Summer: 6 Wine Club Event Ideas to Engage Your Members

As summer approaches, it’s time to turn up the heat on your wine club events. These longer, warmer days provide the perfect backdrop for memorable gatherings that not only entertain your members but also strengthen their connection to your club. From casual wine-tastings to themed parties, the opportunities are as varied as the wines you offer. 

In this post, we’ll explore six wine club event ideas that promise to make your summer season exciting, engaging, and most importantly, one that your members will eagerly anticipate.

Host a Wine Tasting Party with Food-Pairing Suggestions

Hosting a wine tasting party with food pairing suggestions not only showcases your wines but also adds an educational element to your event. Encourage your members to explore the delightful interplay between different wines and foods. Organize a selection of your best wines, and carefully pair them with complimentary dishes. 

For instance, a crisp, light-bodied white wine might pair well with a fresh seafood salad, while a full-bodied red could be matched with a rich, hearty stew. Providing detailed pairing notes, that capture the flavors, aromas, and textures of both the wine and the food, will elevate the tasting experience. 

This interactive, sensory event can deepen your members’ appreciation of wine, and inspire them to explore new varieties in your range.

Organize a Virtual Happy Hour

Organizing a virtual happy hour can be a fun and social way for members to share their favorite wines, discuss their unique tasting notes, and even discover new favorites. Use a reliable video conferencing platform to facilitate these gatherings, making the experience easy and streamlined. Encourage members to bring a bottle of their favorite wine, and designate a time for each member to share why they love that particular bottle. 

This allows members to learn from one another, broaden their understanding of different wine varieties, and further cultivate a sense of community within your wine club. To add an extra layer of fun, consider hosting a ‘blind tasting’ segment where members try to identify the wine varietal, region, and vintage based on the tasting notes alone.

Create an Outdoor Movie Screening in the Vineyard

An outdoor movie screening in the vineyard can be a magical experience, combining the pleasures of a great film, a stunning setting, and of course, excellent wine. Set up a large screen in a flat area of the vineyard, provide comfortable picnic blankets for members to lounge on, and don’t forget the starlight overhead will add an extra touch of enchantment. 

Ensure that you have an array of your finest wines available for members to enjoy throughout the movie. You could even consider pairing specific wines with key moments in the film for a truly immersive experience. Don’t forget to provide a selection of gourmet popcorn, cheese, fruits, and crackers, which pair well with wine and can enhance the overall movie watching experience. 

This event offers a unique, relaxed, and memorable way for members to enjoy your wines and the beautiful surroundings of your vineyard.

Put Together a Weekend Getaway Trip to the Vineyard

Organizing a weekend getaway trip to your vineyard offers members an immersive experience of the wine-making process while allowing them to explore the local area. Start the weekend with a guided tour of the vineyard, explaining the different grape varieties and the unique characteristics of the terroir. 

Members can stroll among the vines, feel the texture of the grapes, and perhaps even participate in some of the harvest activities if the timing is right. Follow this up with a wine-tasting session where members can sample the fruits of the vineyard’s labor.

The following day can be dedicated to discovering the local area. Coordinate with local businesses to offer a range of activities that showcase the region’s charm, such as a hike through scenic paths, a visit to a local artisan cheese-maker, or a guided tour of a nearby historic town. 

In the evenings, organize communal dinners featuring local cuisine paired with your wines, fostering a warm, convivial atmosphere. This weekend getaway can provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the wine they love, fostering a stronger connection with your wine club.

Invite Members to Join a “Make Your Own Blend” Night

Inviting members to a “make your own blend” night can be a thrilling and enriching experience. This hands-on event allows members to delve into the creative side of winemaking. Provide a selection of different varietals for members to sample and experiment with. Guided by your resident winemaker, members can learn about how various characteristics of each varietal contribute to a blend. 

Having tasted and understood the different components, members can then create their own personalized bottle. This not only allows them to hone their wine tasting skills but also provides a unique keepsake of the event. The blend they’ve created will be a tangible reminder of the experience, and serve as a testament to their newfound knowledge and appreciation for the art of winemaking.

Have an Afternoon Barbeque in the Vineyard

Lastly, consider hosting an afternoon barbecue in the vineyard. With live music playing in the background, members can enjoy a variety of lawn games, savor delicious barbecued foods, and, of course, partake in your exceptional wines. Arrange for a local band to perform, creating a lively and fun atmosphere. Set up games like bocce ball, corn hole, or croquet, providing members with light-hearted entertainment. 

As for the barbecue, you could offer a range of options from traditional fare like hamburgers and hot dogs to more gourmet choices like grilled seafood or marinated vegetables. Make sure you have plenty of your wine varieties on hand for members to enjoy and maybe even introduce a new summer release during this event. 

This blend of food, wine, music, and games is sure to create a laid-back, fun-filled summer afternoon that members will fondly remember.

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